Ageism is “the systematic stereotyping of and discrimination against people because of their age”  Identify one example of age discrimination in the media, post it to our website, and explain how this is a social problem.



Francesca Atkinson

Clips of examples of how our society views ageism. The way we stigmatize old age in our society is a social problem because older people do not always fit that stereotype and are still huge contributors to our society. We should be all equal and not look at ageism as a stigma.

Dawt Chin

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Kirsten Brown


Patrick Kempfer
I think this fits nicely with what we’ve been discussing recently.


John Barry
Interesting look at what problems the Chinese are facing in there culture with the age gap.


John Luksa
An interesting article about age discrimination in the work place. This is a problem because an older person may be denied a job just because of their age.


Natalie Jaqua
Elder abuse is a social problem because it involves mistreatment of elderly people, which can include physical, emotional, financial, or sexual abuse. These people often are not able to defend themselves because they may be weaker than those taking advantage of them.

Ray Freedman

Jay Leno had a lot of fan base, and it caused quite a bit of uproar when he was replaced on The Tonight Show. Although they didn’t specifically say it was age-based, I think we all can see that’s the truth.


Hunter Larson


Allison Stern


Connor Green
This post is a little informal but I think that it captures the implications of ageism portrayed through the media, a topic (media) I am thoroughly interested in. Please excuse the language of the blog post, however, the woman has a point that should be considered by everyone!×7103290


Gabby Crapp

This post is about how older men are getting fired because they are “too old” for their job and younger men are going to get the job. Very big controversy.

Tom Israeli
This post is a great example of how Ageism is put into effect in Silicon Valley, “one of the most ageist places in America.”


LeAnna Lombardi

Protection from age discrimination in the workplace



I think ageism is a huge problem in America. A very close relative of mine is going through being a victim of ageism. He was layed off from his job and landed an interview just a week later.He did very well in the interview and then when the company president got back from vacation, he called my relative and said that they already had hired someone for the position and that the interview was a mistake. It seemed really fishy, and I think it is because he is 56 years old. Here is a short interesting documentary on ageism I found on Youtube.

Danielle Benkert

Older workers are being turned away for jobs and those jobs are being given to younger workers.  Hiring a younger worker means the cost of the employee benefit package goes down for entire company.  The younger the cheaper it is for a company.  Some companies just  think “old people just can’t cut it anymore.”