For this assignment you will find one image of the family as portrayed in the media.  This can be anything from the Simpsons, to Family Guy, to 16 and Pregnant.  Post a photo or video and from this and describe how media images and stereotypes relating to family are representative of or different from the data outlined in your text book.


Francesca Atkinson

The textbook outlines as a family having two parents, a man and a woman, and children. This family consists of teenage Sabrina and her two aunts Hilda and Zelda and their cat Salem.



Connor Green

As Americans, we have all seen pictures similar to this; the nuclear family. Even though we’re convinced that this is the norm, here’s a hint at proof that its nothing more than a marketing scheme popularized by the notion of capitalism.
Nuclear Family
John Luksa

This image is the image that the creators of the Simpsons have used many times in the show, promotions, and commercials. It portrays the image of the “average American family”. Although they are yellow, it shows Homer, the dad, with his arm around his wife and the tv remote in the other hand sitting on the house with his three children and a dog. They are clearly comfortably watching tv as a family. Also they are in a home, and the expectations of the average American family is to live in a home. If this image showed them in an apartment, it would not have the same message. The image of the “average American family” has a mom, dad, 2-4 children and a dog living in harmony.

simpsons-couch_6 (1)


Natalie Jaqua

This picture is of characters on the show “Modern Family.” This family would be thought of as different from your typical American family, because it does not consist of a mother, a father, and their children, but of two fathers.



Allison Stern

This image is from the show Sister Wives which is a reality show on TLC about a man and his four wives and their 17 children. This is different from the typical family because it’s a polygamist family, meaning there are multiple wives and, in this case, many children.


Allison Benson

This picture is from the classic tv show “The Brady Bunch”. They are different from an “all American family” because this family is blended. The mother had three children of her own and the father had three children of his own; and married each other, which made them step-parents to each others’ children.



John Barry

This is from the classic TV Show: The Cosby show, it demonstrates an African-American point of view and the larger family. Wide range in the age of kids, and close connection with the daughters boyfriends as well.


Hunter Larson.

Winter is coming.


Tom Israeli

This picture shows a family with the two heterosexual parents, two children, and two heterosexual grandparents. Although many families look like this. with our accepting of different cultures and ideas, families are becoming more and more varied. Many families do not have heterosexual parents, and many do not live with the grandparents. However, this is how a “traditional” family would look like.


LeAnna Lombardi

This is a nuclear family, from Family Guy


Dawt Chin

Example of Asian extended family picture (grandparents, parents and their children living together). In Myanmar, most of the families are extended families where the grandparents live with their adult children which is also a big help because they help taking care of the grand children, or sometimes it could be aunts, uncles or cousins who live in the family.




Patrick Kempfer
A very enlightening article written by Jim Taylor, Ph.D., an adjunct professor at the University of San Francisco, on the topic of Family Values in modern society.

Gabby Crapp

This is the story of full house. They have extended family living in their family as well as a friend. A lot of this family has to do with money. They all live together in order to be able to afford things. Its three men in the beginning taking care of all the kids. This is much different from a man and a woman taking care of the family.



Danielle Benkert

Full House

Full House depicts a non-traditional family with three men raising three girls. I might also consider it an extended family, since Danny Tanner let his brother in-law and best friend move in to help him raise his girls.