Class Presentations

In this space please provide class members with the ability to use your in-class presentation materials and handouts to study for the exam by uploading them in pdf format.

Presentation Topics / Schedule

2/11 Class Presentations Chapter 1-4
Social Class and Poverty
Race and Ethnicity
3/11 Class Presentations Chapters 5-9
Sexual Orientation
Age and Aging
Work and the Economy
4/10 Class Presentations Chapter 10-13
Health and Medicine
The Media
Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Crime and Criminal Justice
5/6 Class presentations Chapters 14-17
Cities and Suburbs
The Environment
War and Terrorism

Connor Green

Big Brother Is Watching Handout


Problem Drinking Among Teens and Young Adults- Francesca Atkinson

Problem Drinking Among Teens

Drinking Among Young Adults


Allison Stern- Violence and Harassment in Schools

Violence and Harassment in Schools


How patriarchy makes women oppress women

By Dawt Chin


Affordable and Quality Housing— John Barry

Social Problems—-Housing Handouts


John Luksa

United States Drug Legalization Map

Danielle Benkert

Air Quality Handout

Air Quality

Good News/ Bad News for Quality

Economic Sanctions- Gabby Crapp

My presentation:

Gabby crapp economic sanctions

My paper for the class:

economic sanctions

Presentation video:

Also if you cannot get to my video at the end it is this link