Post by Danielle Benkert

Older workers are being turned away for jobs and those jobs are being given to younger workers.  Hiring a younger worker means the cost of the employee benefit package goes down for entire company.  The younger the cheaper it is for a company.  Some companies just  think “old people just can’t cut it anymore.”


Breaking Bejamin, So Cold – (Question Everything)

Breaking Bejamin, So Cold – (Question Everything)

I created this video to illustrate the fear and uncertainty of the last presidential election. Along with that, I hoped to capture the turmoil we feel, not only as Americans, but as young people, specifically, in holding the torch up to a dismal future, and feeling the helplessness that follows it. But, more than all of that, I hope that this video will heighten peoples’ awareness of the sorry state our country and ultimately our world is in, so that we, together, can make a change.